Vuer Is Coming!


Just one week after reaching 1 Million downloads of its existing app products, tech company Mobimedia has announced the release of their next product, Vuer.

Vuer is a video-on-demand streaming app, that enables users to access television and movie content from all of the major studios, on any device wherever they are. “Portability has become such a massive thing. Consumers want to be able to access everything, from anywhere, at any time” says Mobimedia’s Head of Digital, Adam Inglis.

Mobimedia has traditionally been a supplier of content and services to mobile operators around the world, but more recently is known for making a splash in the industry with the launch of two successful smartphone applications. Social friend-finder app Matchstix was launched last year, and has since been downloaded in 174 countries globally. The mJams music streaming app this week received one of the highest ratings ever given to a smartphone application by major Bangladesh publication The Daily Star, and currently has about half a million users.

“We’re in the midst of an explosion of mobile data usage with people using their smartphones as their primary computing devices. Video consumption on mobile is growing at around 55 percent annually” said Nick Brown, Head of Distribution for Mobimedia.
Matchstix and mJams can already be found pre-loaded on many of the major handset brands around the world, and the company plans to make Vuer the next big thing.

“We work with manufacturers everywhere to get our products onto their mobile devices. It gives them the edge, but also customers get products that they want.”

Vuer is scheduled for launch this year, and will be available on a huge range of devices from mobile phones and tablets to televisions. The content offering ranges from television series’ to new release movies, and will give users access to thousands of titles from major Hollywood and Bollywood movie studios, as well as local and international tv channels.

In terms of pricing, the model is not yet set, but is expected to be extremely competitive.

“Our aim is to provide a world class product with flexible viewing options so that as many people as possible can access the content. A lot of streaming apps have high monthly fees, but what if you only want to watch for a day or a week? We want to provide for those users as well.”

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